Printing Tags

Here is the list of printing tags along with their corresponding values. The tags may be available only at certain levels e.g.:

A loop has a start and an end tag. These are named accordingly (*_START; *_END) and have a description [between brackets] in the Value column that mentions also the Scope of the tags that are available. If a printing tag returns a variable, then the value is described {between curly brackets}; otherwise the mentioned text appears.

Midweek and Weekend Meetings

Common Printing Tags

Tag Value Scope
PM_DATE {date} S
EXCEPTION {Circuit Overseer's visit, Convention week, ...} S
CO_VISIT {"Yes" oben vid} S
CO_NAME {non a sèwvitè a siwkonskripsyon-la} S
CONVENTION {"Yes" oben vid} S
WEEKS {weeks} S
FULLWEEKNUMBER {fullweek number} S
WEEKNUMBER {current week number} S
NEWMONTH {"Yes" oben vid} S
ENDMONTH {"Yes" oben vid} S
ISFIRST {"Yes" oben vid} S
ISLAST {"Yes" oben vid} S
BEGIN Koumansé a S

Étikèt pou enprimé-'

Tag Value Scope
CONGREGATION_TITLE {non a lasanblé-la} Lasanblé 1
CONGREGATION_NAME {congregation name} 1
CHAIRMAN Prézidan 1
COUNSELOR Counselor 1
READER Lèktè 1
CONDUCTOR Kondiktè 1
PM Réinyon piblik 1
PT Diskou piblik 1
WT Étid a Tou dè Gad la 1
MIDWEEK Réinyon lasimenn 1
LM Réinyon Vi é Ministè a on krétyen 1
LMM Réinyon Vi é Ministè a on krétyen 1
TITLE Sé dé pwogram-la 1
REPEAT_START [Week loop start tag (2; W)] 1
REPEAT_END [Week loop end tag] 1
MIDWEEK_START [Midweek meeting loop start tag (3; MW*)] 2
MIDWEEK_END [Midweek meeting loop end tag] 2
WEEKEND_START [Weekend meeting loop start tag (4)] 2
WEEKEND_END [Weekend meeting loop end tag] 2
PTOUT_START [Outgoing speaker loop start tag (5)] 2
PTOUT_END [Outgoing speaker loop end tag] 2
WEEKSTARTING Simenn ki ka koumansé {date} 2
TITLE {weekend meeting title} 4
TITLE Oratè ki ka sòti 5