Access Control

Getting Started

TheocBase uses role-based access control for users that have access to the shared data in the cloud. Roles provide a set of permissions. Thus a person assigned to a certain role is granted the set of permissions provided by that role.

By default, each user is automatically assigned to the basic Publisher role. The exception to this is the one person who shares the data file. That person is always assigned the Administrator role. It is also possible to assign the Administrator role to an additional user to assist with administrator functions.

The administrator’s role centers around maintaining and setting up the basic environment. This includes granting other users and himself any roles needed to accomplish the tasks related to that user’s assignments in the congregation.

The Administrator role does NOT inherently include all other permissions. This is in order to allow the owner of the cloud storage to work safely with the data files while limiting his access to only the necessary information. In case of a need, though, he can temporarily grant himself more roles/permissions to fix an issue.

The following list provides the available roles with their respective permissions:

Assign a Role to a User

  1. In the Settings select the Access Control page.
  2. After the list of users is loaded, select in the user's row the check box of the role that should be assigned.
    Only those users appear in the list, that have already access to the shared TheocBase folder in your DropBox account. It is possible to assign multiple roles.
  3. Restart TheocBase to apply the changes.