Night Mode

Relax and fall easily asleep by reducing blue light

Relax & fall asleep faster

The Night Mode app filters out blue light, which according to recent research studies increases alertness and can affect your natural sleep and awake cycles (circadian rhythm). In addition, it precisely controls the screen's color temperature to provide the most soothing and relaxing lighting.

Protect your eyes

When using your device at night or in twilight, even minimum screen brightness may tire your eyes. Switch to Night Mode to activate additional screen brightness reduction through a dedicated dim filter as well as through the main blue light filter.

Do not disturb others

If you sleep next to another person or use your device in places where screen light may disturb others, then this app is for you.

Read comfortably in bed

If you are a night owl who use your mobile in bed for Internet browsing or reading, this app can prevent the screen from turning off, and lock screen rotation to any desired orientation, even upside down.

Switch quickly

Just shake your device to enter Night Mode and vice versa. It's an optional feature switched on/off in the app settings.

For Nougat users it's possible to add Quick Settings Tile to quickly shift to Night Mode.

Automatic scheduler can enter Night Mode on a preferred time. For example, activate at twilight and deactivate in the morning.

Save battery

Night Mode lowers battery power consumption by reducing blue light and screen brightness. Screen brightness may even be reduced below the minimum factory level.


Night Mode has many customization options like blue light filter color temperature, intensity, shaking sensitivity, notification visibility, pause duration, app theme and more.


Draw over other apps – required to overlay blue light filter.

Run at startup – to allow scheduling and preserve filter on/off state during device restart.

Network access – to allow bug reporting (optional) and showing ads (not many).