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Have you heard about the JavaScript XMPP Client?

Posted by Estelle on September 18, 2017

WebTranslateIt has always had a policy of offering free subscriptions to non profit organizations so that they can translate their projects. Over the years, we’ve been joined by people giving life to some very interesting open source projects, like the JavaScript XMPP Client.

We asked Klaus Herberth, lead developer of JSXC,
to tell us more about it.

WTI: Can you tell us exactly what the JavaScript XMPP Client is?
K.H.: The JavaScript XMPP Client (JSXC) aims to expand every web application by a real-time communication center with end-to-end encrypted two-party chat, video calls, file transfer, group chat and a lot more. Beside some already adapted packages for Nextcloud, Ilias, Wordpress, SOGo and other open source projects, you can easily integrate JSXC with just a few lines of code into your website.

WTI: Who are the people who started it?
K.H.: I started JSXC as part of my Bachelor Thesis and now it’s developed by me, some colleagues from the Distributed Systems Laboratory at the University of Konstanz, Germany and a growing community.

Meet the JSXC core team.

WTI: What was your main motivation?
K.H.: The idea was to create a simple to use, secure and privacy-aware chat application which can be integrated into every website, so that people around the world can share their ideas and opinions without fear.

WTI: Why create a free product when it could have been commercialized?
K.H.: We love open source software and think thats the only way to go if you like to have a secure product. Nobody can trust in closed source software, because you don’t know what’s going on in that black box.

WTI: And finally, can you tell us how WebTranslateIt helped you along the way?
K.H.: It helped us to engage non-technical persons to the project, who like to contribute but need an easy to use interface with a clear work flow.

Klaus and his team have started translating their project into more than 20 languages and we are proud to help them reach to worldwide users.
If you are interested in the JavaScript XMPP Client, want to use it or would like to help develop it or translate it, don’t hesitate to reach out to Klaus at klaus@jsxc.org.

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WebTranslateIt has reached carbon neutrality

Posted by Estelle on September 11, 2017

We believe it is now impossible to deny global warming and the fact that we are all responsible for it, this is why we have decided to offset our carbon footprint.
We first had to calculate it, which was not easy because many websites claim to give accurate results. The best carbon footprint calculator we found was CarbonFootprint.com. The list of questions they ask is very thorough but it is still easy to answer all of them as long as you have access to your company’s expenses.

To our surprise, we discovered that the biggest impact didn’t come from our travels, electricity or water consumption but from the manufactured goods we are buying, especially high-tech ones: laptops, phones. We work remotely, so we don’t have to commute, and our servers are hosted in an already carbon-neutral datacenter in the Netherlands (Leaseweb’s amazing AMS-01).

We looked for solutions to compensate our carbon footprint for the past year and fortunately there are quite a few non-profit organizations that will offer you to participate to projects helping develop sustainable energies all over the world, especially in developing countries, or even just initiatives as simple as reforestation.

We decided to get involved with the Fondation Goodplanet which was created by the photographer and environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

We are now really proud to announce that WebTranslateit is

We will keep making daily efforts to change our consuming habits and will collaborate further with the Fondation Goodplanet. Join us in the fight, we believe climate change is not a fatality.

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WebTranslateIt now sponsors Málaga Bikes

Posted by Estelle on August 7, 2017

WebTranslateIt’s owner Edouard has been into cycling for a few years now, from the long and flat roads of the French Atlantic coast up through the wilderness of Connemara and down to the Andalusian mountains of Málaga.

It just seemed natural that if we ever were to sponsor any sport event, it would be bike related. And after a few interesting encounters, we were given the opportunity to sponsor not only an event, but a team.

There are many cycling clubs in Andalusia, for its climate allows the sport all year round —just be an early riser in the Summer!— and we decided to help a new club start out. Málaga Bikes was created in June 2017 by Bruno Cuesta and counts 8 members such as Victor Cardenas and Alejandro Paez, Andalusian mountain bike and road bike rising stars.

If you want to know more about their exploits, don’t hesitate to follow them on Strava. We are really proud of our guys!

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Let us introduce our newest team member: Jet

Posted by Estelle on July 26, 2017

After spending a few years travelling the world, Jet has decided it would be time to use his boundless knowledge and experience to help WebTranslateIt’s community to reach out to worldwide customers.

Let’s all welcome Jet for on the long and windy road to globalization, he is going to take you far far away. And fast.

Get on board!

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WebTranslateIt’s new visual identity

Posted by Edouard on April 17, 2013

These last three weeks have been very busy at WebTranslateIt. We released several updates to WebTranslateIt’s visual identity. We hope you like it.

New logo

WebTranslateIt has a new logo. It’s simple and fun. It comes in two flavours.

WebTranslateIt logo

WebTranslateIt logo in white

If you’d like to use WebTranslateIt’s logo on your website, feel free to download a high resolution version on our Press page.

New home page

We updated our homepage. Some customers have already noticed it and sent us great feedback. It’s cleaner and does a better job at presenting what WebTranslateIt is. It also showcases some of our best customers and testimonials.

WebTranslateIt new homepage

All the pages around it were completely revamped and rewritten like the Tour page, which presents WebTranslateIt’s management tools and translation tools.

We also added a new page called Tools for WebTranslateIt, which introduces a few tools built for WebTranslateIt. We’ll update this page regularly and will also showcase some of these tools in the blog.

New Help Section

The Help section received a complete overhaul.

WebTranslateIt help section

This page should does a better job at helping users, pointing them to the FAQ, the documentation or filing a support request.

We also moved the documentation website to webtranslateit.com/docs and redesigned the documentation.

WebTranslateIt help section

Finally, support requests now allow users to attach as many files as they want.

New About pages

People love to know who’s behind a website and what’s the story of its inception. So we redesigned the About page:

WebTranslateIt about section

We also have a new Team page and Press page. Check them out!

WebTranslateIt in blue

This is probably the most important change for the users: we changed the background of the software’s interface from green to blue.

WebTranslateIt about section

This change may seem small, but we were really careful on this choosing the new colour. We wanted it to be neutral while reflecting WebTranslateIt’s new visual identity.

We hope you like these changes. Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail if you have any feedback.