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Recent posts

Maintenance window on Saturday, April 16th, 7AM UTC

Posted by Edouard on April 12, 2011

Web Translate It will be unavailable for a about an hour on Saturday, April 16th, 7:00 UTC as we will release an important update to the service. The downtime won’t exceed 1 hour.

This downtime is needed to improve Web Translate It’s architecture in order to deliver new features, as well as improving the service’s performance.

In order to do this, we need to migrate some of the data hosted on Web Translate It to a new architecture. We have a lot of data, and we estimate migrating the 6.1 million strings to the new architecture to take about 45 minutes.

This upgrade will bring interesting new features, such as locales subclassing (for instance en-US is a sub-locale of en), as well as allowing the creation of custom locales for a specific territory or use-case (you will be able to create locales such as en_GB_Singapore_Event or en_Pirate or anything you like). More information about these features will be announced later.

As always, you should follow @webtranslateit on Twitter for live updates.

EDIT 14th April: The maintenance window planned next saturday is cancelled.

About yesterday’s file import hiccup

Posted by Edouard on March 3, 2011

We had a technical issue yesterday afternoon. Some file imports created duplicated strings instead of aligning the translations.

This post is fairly technical. If you’re not technically versed, rest assured I fixed the problem yesterday and I am now making sure this doesn’t happen again. I’d like to sincerely apologise if you had any issue yesterday.

Please contact support@atelierconvivialite.com if we can make it up for you or if you spot any problem.

What happened

We have 3 distinct work environments:

  • development, on my computer,

  • staging, a separate environment on the production server, where I test things before going to production,

  • and production, the live Web Translate It.

I am currently working on improving the importer’s speed. After testing my changes on my development environment, I deployed them on the staging environment.

Web Translate It’s importers are long-running tasks (sometimes up to 10 minutes for large files), so they have to run in the background. We have a queue system (delayed_job) and currently 4 workers working off jobs from the queue. We use god to monitor our workers and restart them automatically when they crash or eat too much memory or CPU.

When we deploy new code, the deploy script restarts the workers so they use the newer code. However, I didn’t expect the deployment script for the staging website to actually restart the production workers and replace them by the staging workers. I didn’t noticed it immediately, so for a few hours, we had staging workers working off jobs from the production database.

These workers were buggy and in some cases, were duplicating strings instead of aligning the translations. I’m really sorry about that.

This shouldn’t happen again

Lesson learnt. I’m moving the staging environment off to a separate server. Such mistakes should be really hard to make in the future.

System update

Posted by Edouard on December 26, 2010

Here’s a quick system update regarding Web Translate It’s system and your data.

This morning we completed our upgrade to Rails 3, a new version of our programming framework. We also upgraded ruby, our programming language to the newest version.

We also made important changes on how your data is saved. Until today, your data was hosted on a server located in Newark, USA. A backup of the database was made 4 times a day, was encrypted and then sent to Amazon S3.

This was good, although if a big problem happened, in the worst case scenario we could potentially had lost up to 6 hours of data (this is the data added or changed between each backup).

To fix this issue, we now have a second server located in London, UK, whose only job is to replicate the database. The data is constantly streamed and replicated between the two servers.

PostgreSQL 9’s new replication feature wasn’t too difficult to set up. It was the reason we upgraded our database server 2 weeks ago.

We’re stoked to make Web Translate It more reliable.

Possible maintenance window on Sunday, Dec 26th, 08:00 GMT

Posted by Edouard on December 22, 2010

Web Translate It could be unavailable for a few minutes on Sunday, Dec 26th, 8:00 GMT as we will release an important update to the service. We expect the downtime to not exceed 1 hour.

This is the second step of a major service shift (the first step was upgrading our database server). This time, we’ll upgrade our programming framework Ruby on Rails (from 2.3 to 3.0), as well as the programming language Ruby (from 1.8.7 to 1.9.2).

We’re working on this project on and off since June and we’re stoked to finally release it.

As always, you should follow @webtranslateit on Twitter for live updates.