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System update

Posted by Edouard on December 26, 2010

Here’s a quick system update regarding Web Translate It’s system and your data.

This morning we completed our upgrade to Rails 3, a new version of our programming framework. We also upgraded ruby, our programming language to the newest version.

We also made important changes on how your data is saved. Until today, your data was hosted on a server located in Newark, USA. A backup of the database was made 4 times a day, was encrypted and then sent to Amazon S3.

This was good, although if a big problem happened, in the worst case scenario we could potentially had lost up to 6 hours of data (this is the data added or changed between each backup).

To fix this issue, we now have a second server located in London, UK, whose only job is to replicate the database. The data is constantly streamed and replicated between the two servers.

PostgreSQL 9’s new replication feature wasn’t too difficult to set up. It was the reason we upgraded our database server 2 weeks ago.

We’re stoked to make Web Translate It more reliable.