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Awesome plans update

Posted by Edouard on February 23, 2010

I am really excited to announce a really nice update to Web Translate It’s plans, and I am reasonably sure everyone will appreciate it.

One common remark made to the current price grid is that there is a huge gap between the Free plan and the Medium plan starting at 39€ a month for 2,000 strings. Also, 39€ per month is quite a lot of money for starting businesses, especially when converted into dollars (that’s currently $53).

I thought I should try to do something about that.

Introducing the Small plan

I just added a new plan: Small. Small is affordable: it costs 14€ per month (that’s just $19) and can hold up to 1,500 strings. It’s a great deal as it has almost the same capacity that used to offer the Medium plan at 39€ per month.

Small is a great plan at a fantastic price tailored for start-ups working a middle-sized application.

Increased capacity for all plans

The price remains unchanged for all other plans, but to mark the difference with the new Small plan I increased the string limit for all plans.

The medium plan now offers 4,000 strings instead of 2,000 and the Large plan now offers 8,000 strings instead of 6,000.

No action is required on your side in order to obtain the new capacity: if you subscribed to a Medium or Large plan, you already have it. You can check your new capacity on the “Organisation” page.

Limited Extra-Large plan

Finally, the Extra Large plan, which used to be unlimited, is now limited to 60,000 strings. That’s quite a lot. If you ever reach that limit, please get in touch with me so we can talk about a custom solution.

I am thrilled by this announcement, and a lot of work has been made under the hood to make Web Translate It more affordable.

I will have more exciting news to announce soon, so stay tuned and follow @webtranslateit on twitter, or subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed. Thank you for using Web Translate It, the web’s easiest translation tool.