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Recent posts

Week-end project: public language and territory database

Posted by Edouard on December 13, 2009

Web Translate It has a rather large database of languages, territories and scripts that is used internally.

It is used to display language lists, or for the importers to figure out the plural forms. I thought some of this data could be interesting and valuable to other people.

This week-end I decided to expose this data to everyone. Here you go:

It is pretty cool, I am navigating through the links since an hour now :)

You could probably find this information on Wikipedia, but the difference here is that is structured and to the point. For example, we know the relationships between a language, a territory and a script.

French for example is spoken in Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Monaco and Senegal.

Or, Mongolian is spoken in and is written using the scripts Cyrillic and Mongolian

The other interesting data is the plural forms rules and code. When you translate a plural string from one language to another, Web Translate It automatically creates the plural rule for the target language, using the right plural forms.

For example, here is the plural rule for Russian, and here another one for Polish.

Making this data available to the public could also let people report eventual mistakes in this data.

I don’t have plans to make this data editable by users, like a wiki. This data is very critical to some Web Translate It features, so I’d rather be the sole maintainer.

Changes on the free trial

Posted by Edouard on December 10, 2009

I am progressively refining Web Translate It’s plans. The first step to that process is that effective immediately, new subscriptions will now offer a 10-day free trial. This is less than before, as it used to be a 30-day free trial.

This only affects new accounts. If you are currently on free trial, nothing changes: you will get all of the 30-day trial as promised.


Because offering 30 days of service for free is a bit hard on us at the moment. Web Translate It’s service is very young —it launched merely 2 months ago— and 30 days is half of our age.

Besides, I believe 10 days is still plenty of time to evaluate Web Translate It and actually know if this is the right service for you. Web Translate It’s service is pretty simple and new customers usually know after using it for a few minutes if this is the tool they need or not. If you need more time for evaluation, drop me an e-mail at support@atelierconvivialite.com and I will be happy to extend your trial period.

Also, besides the free trial, we offer two other ways to evaluate Web Translate It for free.

First, the free account which affords translating up to 500 strings. This is ideal for small projects, like an iPhone application or a small website.

Or if you have bigger needs, you can try the demo account, which lets you upload as many strings as you want. The only limit is time —3 hours, after which your account is deleted.

New in Web Translate It: Hide Strings

Posted by Edouard on December 7, 2009

Quite often when translating a project, some strings added to the language file are not meant to be translated. Letting the translators know that these strings are not to translate is complicated. What about just removing them from the interface?

Managers now have the ability to hide these strings directly from Web Translate It’s interface.

To hide a string, it’s easy: from the translation interface, click on “options” and then click “hide this string”.

Hidden strings can be seen in the “Strings not to translate” category. From this category, you can also make a string visible to the translators, just the same way you hid it.

I hope you will find this very small improvement useful. Thank you for using Web Translate It.

Server migration completed

Posted by Edouard on December 5, 2009

Following the server saga, the server migration worked without encountering any issues. Web Translate It’s service has been down for merely 20 minutes.

You should be properly directed to the new server by browsing https://webtranslateit.com. If you are not, you should see this page which will give you detailed instructions to flush your DNS cache.

You will notice a speed boost when loading pages, especially for the slow pages such as the translation interface or the API.

The previous server was a dedicated server, with a single processor having one core, and 1GB or ram. We completely grew out of this server, especially with regards to memory consumption. The server was running the whole website and only 1 worker, used for import/export of your language files, as well as miscellaneous resource-intensive tasks such as project deletion, search engine indexing and e-mail sending.

The new server is a Virtual Private Server from Linode with two processors having four cores each, and also 1 GB of ram. Surprisingly, the faster processors have drastically reduced the server’s overall memory consumption: this server can now run the whole website, as well as 3 workers and still have a comfortable memory overhead. With 3 workers, you will never have to wait long for your import or export jobs to complete.

Also, the memory size is now extendable: if Web Translate It needs more memory, I can resize the server and instantly get more ram. No need to change server any longer.

I hope you will appreciate the increased speed and reliability it will provide.