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22 Feb from 9:12pm to 9:21pm
Hrach Mkrtchyan changed 16 translations in Armenian on ElectroDroid. See changes »
22 Feb ‘20 21:10
Hrach Mkrtchyan joined the project ElectroDroid as Translator . Hrach Mkrtchyan was invited by Demetrio.
13 Feb ‘20 06:00
WebTranslateIt deactivated an invitation for the project ElectroDroid because it wasn’t accepted in more than 3 months.
11 Feb from 8:48pm to 8:48pm
Hrach Mkrtchyan added 3 new term translations to ElectroDroid’s TermBase in Armenian. See changes »
04 Feb ‘20 22:44
Demetrio changed 1 translations in Russian on ElectroDroid. See changes »