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19 Feb from 7:40am to 7:40am
Shlomi Greenblatt changed 2 translations in Hebrew on ElectroDroid. See changes »
19 Feb ‘19 06:00
WebTranslateIt deactivated the invitation sent to etollabi73@gmail.com for the project ElectroDroid because it wasn’t accepted in more than 3 months.
17 Feb from 8:36pm to 8:41pm
Xearonet changed 2 translations in Polish on ElectroDroid. See changes »
15 Feb from 12:46pm to 12:46pm
Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan changed 2 translations in Romanian on ElectroDroid. See changes »
15 Feb ‘19 11:35
Demetrio commented on a discussion: rate on ElectroDroid.