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    Hello German translation team,
    I received an email suggesting that the translation of this calculator may be improved. Here is the received message:

    Erstmal muss ich sagen das Electrodroid ne klasse App ist. Aber jedesmal wenn ich sie öffne sticht mir ein kleines Detail ins Auge:
    Spannungs(ab)fall Rechner
    Es müsste jedoch ohne ab geschrieben werden. Quasi Spannungsfall Rechner

    Is the suggestion correct?

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    Hi Demetrio,

    sorr for the delay, the emailed answer got rejected - so here, again.

    The still common term is "Spannungsabfall". In the more bureaucratic literature, yes, there is the term "Spannungsfall". Maybe I'm old fashioned, but know nobody using the first, although logically it would make sense. So, it's up to you, both exist, see https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spannungsabfall
    Maybe really use the brackets: "Spannungs(ab)fall"?

    Background: "Abfall" not only means drop, or is used for disconnecting solid state switches, but commonly for trash. So, if voltage (together with current) is not wasted but transformed to heat ...

    Best regards (and thanks for your work!)


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