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    Leandrorlsousa Portuguese Translator with all proofreading rights

    Hello Demetrio how are you?
    As i can see the Manuela Silva user decided came back and changed many of my translations with her translation also with translations that proves she doesn't work or also knows the electric terms a word such "voltagem" instead my "tension" translation it's only used by a person that it's a zero on the electronic world... So i decided to go away. I don't want to lost my time translation and after that appears someone that decides to correct (but with mistakes) my works.
    Good luck with your project...


    Leandro de Sousa

  2. 1502_091
    Demetrio Manager

    Hi Leandro,

    I reviewed the translation made by the user Manuela Silva, and I found that, although she makes mistakes as you pointed out, she has been useful on other occasions.
    However, I have removed her proofreading permissions at the moment, so that she can not change translations that have already been marked as proofread.

    The other translators are a resource that allow you to reduce your own workload and waste less time. If there are errors in the translations, the advantage of this platform is that they can be corrected with a single click, returning to the previous version. You don't have to waste any time on it, and I just need to be informed when you think there's something to correct/revert.

    However, I would prefer that if such cases occur in the future, a discussion be opened involving all translators in your language, so as to highlight any errors and allow us not to make them in the future.

    Thank you,