wrong position of the navi buttons

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  1. C9241f358594b2a1c7dbdad1d2beaf24
    Alexs German Translator with all proofreading rights

    The two navi buttons on some sites are to long.
    I upload screenshot from clean vivaldi profil.

    OS: Debian/sid

    My suggestion: max-width and break?

  2. 26999_magruf
    Magruf Manager

    It is very strange. All is ok here...

    1600*900 - on Win7

    1600*1200 -OSX Mavericks
    1920*1440- OSX Mavericks
    2048*1536- OSX Mavericks
    2360*1770- OSX Mavericks

    Çağlar, can you have a look on Linux.

  3. 2b108c5ff0f112b33ed83a266e60bb09
    Roland Manager

    Confirmed in Windows but with a way smaller width because my fonts are smaller than Alexs' :D
    This is a general problem with German: On average the strings are 30% longer than the English strings. Not much we can do about that, we have shortened them already.

    max-width:48%; and overflow:ellipsis; would work for me too …

  4. 26999_magruf
    Magruf Manager

    Sorry, sorry, I confirm and really strange :)