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09 Jan ‘19 06:00
WebTranslateIt deactivated an invitation for the project Phoca Gallery because it wasn’t accepted in more than 3 months.
06 Jul ‘16 13:05
Paulo Izidoro joined the project Phoca Gallery as translator, Portuguese, Portugal with super proofreading rights. Paulo Izidoro was invited by Arygroup.
12 Jun from 10:15pm to 10:15pm
30 target files were added via the API to Phoca Gallery. See changes »
12 Jun ‘16 22:15
The Portuguese, Portugal (pt-PT) language was added to the project Phoca Gallery.
07 May from 10:59pm to 11:02pm
Arygroup launched a Proofread Batch Operation in English, United Kingdom on Phoca Gallery. See changes »