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    Jerry Manager

    Hi, Liberty610.

    Great job on the Italian translation. I've given you rights to "proofread" the translations so whenever you're available, please click on the "Translations" tab, click on "Batch Operations", select "Mark as Proofread" and click "Run Batch Operation".

    Leave your HoloRP username here so I can give you an award for helping when HoloRP re-opens.


  2. 36383_16996018_1753997998174954_5729555698056011487_n
    Jerry Manager

    The Italian version is now live:

    If there's any spelling mistakes, then feel free to correct them. Once again, thank you very much for helping translating!

  3. 36383_16996018_1753997998174954_5729555698056011487_n
    Jerry Manager

    Oh, never mind - guess you have to manually proofread them one by one.

  4. C3c4d48c7157d1af65620982778572e5
    Liberty610 Italian Translator with all proofreading rights

    I've marked everything with proofread, my name on HoloRP is Oliver-Argent

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    Caeagle8 French Translator with no proofreading rights

    Hello! How do you join closed beta?


  6. A9dbb368a40f94119797cc987d991550
    Torresefrain10 Spanish Translator with all proofreading rights

    I finished the spanish translation. Somebody proof-read it.