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    Nocrapatall Danish Translator with all proofreading rights

    Does "More" signify anything specific, or is it just a generic expression?
    If it's generic, it will represent a problem to translate correctly in various languages, including Danish, as it may be a different output depending on the actual context in which 'more' appears.

    In Danish for instance, the phrase 'More books' would be "Flere bøger" whereas "More information" would be "Mere information", to just mention two examples.

    This is just for you information, as to underline that a too generous use of generic expressions/words will result in a generally poorer translation output. I'm not implying, however, that you use such expressions/words excessively... :-)

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    Bartosz Manager

    Thank you for pointing this out. I've added a contextual information, so translators may easily see the context. I've updated a context information for all texts regarding screenshots in app store app listing.

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    Nocrapatall Danish Translator with all proofreading rights

    Great idea, but with for instance 'More' the translators should be directed to the no. 2 screen shot shown in Google Play since that's the one containing the 'More' text.
    By simply directing to the main app page in Google Play, you risk that some translators might just skip verifying the specific context of a term if they for instance have to read thru a lot of text to locate this specific term.
    I am, however, not aware whether or not this is even possible for you to accomplish (to reference/make reference/links to specific points/sections individually).

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    Bartosz Manager

    You're right. Since I don't know how could I link to the specific screenshot, I've added it manually the context information.


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