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  1. (A deleted user)

    Hey all,
    I just finished the 'Nederlands' and the 'Frysk' translation for buddycloud.
    I've got two questions:
    1: In the Term Base I see a post about not changing the word 'Channel'? If that is so, could you point out which of the strings that contain Channel should not be translated?
    2. When will I be able to see the Dutch and the Frisian translation 'in action' ;-)?!


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    Andy Manager

    Thanks for doing the translation. The word channel shouldn't be translated in any of the strings, so could you find a way to phrase the dutch/frisian strings which keeps that word in english?

    Once that's done I'll include your new strings in the webclient.


  3. (A deleted user)

    Hi Andy,
    thanks for your reply.

    I've just changed both the Dutch and the Frisian strings.
    Hopefully you'll now be able to include the strings in the webclient.

    Maybe it would be convenient for future translators to add a {channel} and a {channels} string so we'll just have to translate it once.

    Ex: "can read and post messages in your {channel}"
    You'll just have to add one note, saying that {channel} and {channels} shouldn't be translated.

    Anyway, that's just an idea.
    Thanks for adding Dutch (Nederlands) and Frisian (Frysk)!


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    Andy Manager

    Thanks for doing this. I'll include the strings as soon as I have time.

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    Andy Manager

    The new languages have been merged into the webclient (see and should be working on shortly.

    Thanks for your help.

  6. (A deleted user)

    Great, looking forward to seeing it live, in the air.
    Let me know if the changes have been processed.

    You're very welcome!
    It was my pleasure.

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    Andy Manager

    They should be live now. Just set the right language preferences in firefox. If you're using chrome, it takes the language prefs from your user account.