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***** TESTERS WANTED *****
If you'd like to be a tester for Neater Bookmarks, please contact me at Interested parties should share your Gmail address, OS, screen resolution, and native language. The greatest need is from those on Mac and/or Linux OSes. You will need to know how to install an extension from a ZIP file.

A neater bookmarks tree popup extension for Google Chrome based on Neat Bookmarks.

Note to translators:

  1. The strings will be updated from time to time, so it's good to keep all translations up-to-date. Only ~100% translated work will be included in the releases. As of now, the 'Unproofread' and 'To verify' columns don't really matter for most languages since this requires more people in each language team to do these different tasks.

  2. Help understanding the segments:<br />
    a. <segment>.message is the text that needs to be translated.<br />
    b. <segment>.placeholders* should be left exactly as it is, a dollar sign followed by some number.<br />
    c. <segment>.description provides context and additional information about the corresponding <segment>.message, and does NOT need to be translated.<br />
    d. All text enclosed in dollar signs (such as $count$) must not be translated but left exactly as it is. (These segments are hidden.)

  3. Please try to keep the translations as accurate as possible and match the actual meaning of the original strings. Follow the standard words used around desktop/web interfaces and prevent any words that might confuse average users.

  4. Do not add additional stuff that doesn't exist in the original strings such as new line characters or HTML tags. Do not add extra 'meanings' either.

  5. For better translations, here's a good reference in the Chromium translation files:

  6. Please check the locales that the Chrome Web Store supports to verify the language you want to translated can be used in a Chrome extension.

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