Finnish translation problems

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    Timppali Finnish Translator with no proofreading rights

    I can't translate 3 of the sentences for some reason, It says "You are not signed in" even through I am. If someone of the managers could edit the

    • join.broadcast -> "{0} liittyi {1} joukkueeseen."
    • pvp.self.spawn -> "Et voi hyökätä ollessasi vielä tukikohdassa!"
    • zone.loadout.equip -> "{0} varustus otettu käyttöön (paina shift vaihtaaksesi)."

    Then the Finnish translation will be complete. There isn't basically a need for proofreading as the translations are correct. (Unless you want to). So Finnish language version would be ready to be added. Thanks. :D

  2. 13546_cmastudios_body
    cmastudios Manager

    Added. Thanks a bunch for the translation! Credit will be given.