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  1. 9a09a2197a9d9124565450ad9e796043 effemmeffe Italian Translator

    Any idea on where can i find this string? Some screenshot or similar?

  2. 921_gsatwittter Gerard Díaz Catalan Translator
  3. 9a09a2197a9d9124565450ad9e796043 effemmeffe Italian Translator

    It will be useful to have all the screenshots to watch, because I’m not on my mac right now.
    Can I find then somewhere?

  4. 921_gsatwittter Gerard Díaz Catalan Translator

    Here there are some: http://embercode.com/blog/ , if any is missing just say it

  5. 3b52744378ca40ef2465addf56fa6b03 Matthew Client

    The blog should have screenshots of everything I’ve posted for translating, except for the feedback window:
    - http://embercode.com/blog/2010/tvshows-2-teaser-part-1/
    - http://embercode.com/blog/2010/tvshows-2-teaser-part-2/

  6. 9a09a2197a9d9124565450ad9e796043 effemmeffe Italian Translator

    Ok, thanks.

  7. 070c2b6fabc887ba94f11fa15195c90e Lady Madonna Catalan Translator

    Hi Matt, I’m reviewing the Spanish translation on the actual app, and noticed that in the “Getting Started” tab, some of the strings are cropped.

    Is it possible to make them fit into 2 lines? I don’t think we can shrink the strings even more.

    Something similar happens with the “Preferences” tab: screenshot. Is it possible to move the combos to the right to fit the descriptions?


  8. 3b52744378ca40ef2465addf56fa6b03 Matthew Client

    I was afraid that would happen, and it’s part of why I haven’t hooked up the translations for table columns or buttons yet. (Except for maybe the “Subscribe” button…)


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