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API update and web_translate_it gem v1.7.3.0 released

Posted by Edouard on 12 de abril de 2011

Web Translate It’s Project API endpoint now serve a new attribute: the language file checksum, generated by SHA-1.

The new version of the web_translate_it gem use file checksums to check if the language files need to be pulled or not. It used to compare the timestamp of the local file’s last modification against the timestamp of last modification served by Web Translate It, but comparing file checksums is much more reliable and should fix a few issues a few customers were having.


To upgrade the web_translate_it gem to its latest version, type in a terminal: gem install web_translate_it.

We’re currently processing the checksum for each of the 58,000 language files hosted on Web Translate It and it is taking a while. The file checksum might not be available for the endpoint for your project yet, but it’s coming really soon.