German Test

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  1. Roland and Alexs,
    You can find translation test server on

    You can check, and inform me if anything is wrong.

  2. At first I thought switching the language doesn't work until I noticed that it needs cookies.
    After activating Cookies it worked fine.

    Can you do add a hash to the URL or a "pretty path" for users who have switched off cookies?

    If that is not possible, please test if the user has cookies activated. If they are not activated display the the text: "The language switcher uses cookies to remember your selection. Please activate cookies in your browser."

  3. There was still one small mistake in the German text for tab_tiling.welcome
    It is corrected here now. Please change :)

  4. updated :)

  5. Something seems to have gone wrong with the update to the main site. Some strings in the German version show up in English, like e.g. here:

    Can you have a look at it, please?

  6. Yesterday, before I finished my work, my notebook broke down. When I find a suitable computer, I will fix it.