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  1. Hey guys,

    I will be giving access to those who really helped with the translating process.

    When you have BETA access, you should check around the website for mistakes.

    Also, this discussion is for posting translation mistakes for those with proofreading rights to correct.

    Here's a few segments that needs re-checking since I changed the wording to them:
    - welcome_text_3

    Let's do this.

  2. Fddd7279caacc88be93de071cb3a74c9
    Solludory malayo Translator with all proofreading rights

    How do I access?

  3. 37867_16997740_1207794599328255_3145843455261153985_n
    Enrique-Garcia español Translator with all proofreading rights

    Hello, I am one of those who translated into Spanish how do I get access?

  4. Hi Solludory, what's your username?

  5. 36536_received_991834627580400
    James Traductor malayo

    Heh I only did a couple translations, and mine were pretty off(after trial and error i corrected them) even though I'm a Malaysian xD

  6. Fddd7279caacc88be93de071cb3a74c9
    Solludory malayo Translator with all proofreading rights

    Mine is Maya-Salena

    and also James, at least ya tried, I also got some errors too on translations XD

  7. 36536_received_991834627580400
    James Traductor malayo

    Lol, I guess you're right, I just feel bad I didn't more :L

  8. Hi Solludory, I gave you access

  9. Fddd7279caacc88be93de071cb3a74c9
    Solludory malayo Translator with all proofreading rights

    Terima Kasih, Jerry! (Thanks Jerry!)

  10. De59dce4edd5b2ddbb265b8d2ebd7caf
    Ogunozgur91 turco Translator with all proofreading rights

    Merhaba! Username: Ogun-Ozgur

  11. Yo Ogunozgur91,

    I gave you access.

  12. Ae039e72c244ec5d667f756ff7ac59f3
    Romy Traductor neerlandés

    Hello! My username is Ghislaine-Rothschild

  13. 53da92c5c85422e00a58084af253c173
    Josephdavidkeenan Traductor finés

    Wew can I get access, did over 100 translations for Finnish,

  14. Hey Josephdavidkeenan,

    What is your in-game username?

  15. 53da92c5c85422e00a58084af253c173
    Josephdavidkeenan Traductor finés


  16. 37866_accessories-adorable-aesthetic-beautiful-favim.com-3791266
    snAKE malayo Translator with all proofreading rights

    username : Mika-Hebat

  17. 53da92c5c85422e00a58084af253c173
    Josephdavidkeenan Traductor finés

    Hello? Anyone here

  18. 31a3caac8ec2b0f3c122500c7e39e515
    Ishak2 Traductor sueco

    Ishak2 here, looking for access

  19. 53da92c5c85422e00a58084af253c173
    Josephdavidkeenan Traductor finés

    same, jerry still hasn't replied lol

  20. 99591379da1270d383ac8bc8207290b6
    Leleolocoa Traductor portugués

    Hey, I'm one of the translators for PT-BR, my username is Big-Leo.

  21. 53da92c5c85422e00a58084af253c173
    Josephdavidkeenan Traductor finés

    Hey. Jerry can you give me access, I did most of the Finnish and am about to finish the untranslated, also if you could can you give me proofreading rights thanks - Joe

  22. 3779ca6e134160430e9731e509873a0e
    Saltycone Traductor finés

    Same here. I have translated every Finnish sentence (about 70) that I knew from "untranslated" but I can not do more. May I have access that I can proof sentences from "unproofread"? My character's name is Mireleh-Feu.

  23. F867ddb4ef9a915b85ff3804429921ef
    John-Paul filipino Translator with all proofreading rights

    Well to bad we cannot access other pages to see if there are some grammars are wrong.