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    Obrankosi Traductor búlgaro

    Would you please clarify the meaning

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    Sharetribe Team Jefe

    Sure: this is the name of the field that can be used to name the label of the transaction agreement. If the transaction agreement feature is enabled, buyers must accept it before making a transaction. Admins can override the default label for that action, through the field identified as "Agreement label".

    However, you could ignore that sentence. It only used in the legacy Admin panel, which we plan to retire soon. So, it's a bit useless, I think, to translate it, at this point. In general, you can safely ignore all the keys tagged with "Legacy Admin panel - ...".

    Hopefully, this helps!


  1. Agreement label
    Agreement label

    Agreement label

    Cambiado vía la API .
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  2. Agreement label
    Agreement label

    Agreement label

    cambiado por Thomas Malbaux mediante una operación por lotes.
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  3. הסכם
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