Some fields missing for translation

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    Carel Traductor neerlandés

    Hi Lubos,

    I notice that I'm missing the following tags to be able to translate:

    Inventory locations (with an S, on settings and header)
    New Inventory Location
    Learn How to ..
    Lock date is in place as at <date>. You can only update or delete transactions dated after this date. (warning)
    Custom income account (on stock item form)
    Custom expense account (on stock item form)
    Cash Receipt (header)
    Bank Receipt (header)
    New Line (button)
    Capital Account (header)
    Inventory price list (overview reports stock)
    Inventory quantity by location (overview reports stock)

    If you would be able to add them, I can translate them. Thank you!

  2. Fbe44f66ebaf6fde7bf976c0319f434f
    Lubos Hasko Jefe

    Thanks. I think I fixed about half of them. In the process I discovered a few more which are also untranslatable. I'm planning to go through it more comprehensively soon.

  3. 07438f23b3ded820f20b0042087c885c
    Carel Traductor neerlandés

    Thanks! Keep me/us posted when you have fixed al/most of them.