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  1. 75ab5afb608994a159d01d775e88594a
    Ealfardan Traductor árabe

    Unclear context and type (verb or adj.)

  2. Fbe44f66ebaf6fde7bf976c0319f434f
    Lubos Hasko Jefe

    Adjective. I changed it to "Completed".

  3. 35f30722e3f4590710dd77165a72df9a
    Peter Traductor danés

    In which context is this used?
    In Danish several words means "completed" but depending on context you would choose one or the other.

  4. Fbe44f66ebaf6fde7bf976c0319f434f
    Lubos Hasko Jefe

    This is used under "Production Orders" tab under "Status" column.

    Basically production order can be "Insufficent qty" or "Completed"

  5. 27365_pasfoto_hennie
    Hennie Eerhart Traductor neerlandés

    Hi Lubos,
    You responded to me, the Dutch translator, and not to Peter the Danish translator


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