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Open Charge Map is a non-commercial, non-profit, electric vehicle charging location data service hosted and supported by a community of businesses, charities, developers and interested parties around the world.

Our goal is to remove the need for a proliferation of independent charging location databases and to provide (as much as possible) a reliable single point of reference for charging equipment location information. Instead of competing with other data providers we aim to cooperate with and provide services to them, in exchange for data sharing and de-duplication efforts.

Notes for Translators:

We use a special notation to allow sections of text with embedded links and variables. If you see a segment that looks like "Total number of stations: {totalStations}" the part within the brackets {} should remain unchanged in your translation but can be moved around in the sentence as require.

Links etc are preserved in translated text by using the following syntax: {link_id:link description text} - in your translation you would copy this and replace the 'link description text' part with your own translation of the text which should show for the link.

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