Getting started document?

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    Geoff Traductor turco

    Thanks for adding me. Is there a short and simple "getting started" document somewhere? I tried the "help" but I cannot see how to create my first translation.

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    Christopher Jefe

    Hi, no there isn't a document to help currently, but you may be able to write one :)

    I have machine-translated Turkish to get you started so you just need to go through the translations proposed and see if they make sense or could be better phrased:

    Short phrases are better where possible as they often fit on the screen better. If you are unsure how/where a translation is used you can ask questions here or on the Open Charge Map google+ group.

    Thanks for helping!

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    Geoff Traductor turco

    Thanks. I see you have added Turkish to the drop down list. But when I click on a translation it says

    "You can’t translate this segment.

    You are not a translator in Turkish for the project “Open Charge Map”.

    so maybe you need to authorize me?

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    Geoff Traductor turco

    I mean I can see it in the drop down list in "webtranslateit" but not on the website itself. As the machine translation looks not bad (at least for the single words) it would be great if you could add it to the website itself straight away. In that way it will be much easier for me to ask a native speaker to check it.

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    Geoff Traductor turco

    Hi Christopher. Although I can verify as correct the translations which are already correct I am still getting the above error e.g. when I try to correct the Turkish for "Level". Have sent my "request an invitation again" and also a native speaker has applied. Obviously they should be the ones with proofreader rights not me.

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    Geoff Traductor turco

    Thanks for fixing it - I can now correct the machine translations.