arabic language

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  1. 0af607f6dab2988be9a5b397c96d639b
    iDante02 Traductor árabe, Arabia Saudí

    hello arabic language have errors in minecraft
    if i'm type السلام عليكم
    it's be م ك ي ل ع م ا ل س ل ا
    and my frinds talking like this ( alslam 3likum ) or ( as )
    arabic but in english like arabic when he talking
    i don't know what i will do i have a website it is fix arabic but on website is not good and i don't think plugin will be okay maype need type UTF-8 to be okay.

  2. 13546_cmastudios_body
    cmastudios Jefe

    The issue should not be any issue with encoding in the plugin as it is all properly escaped. The issue must lie within minecraft itself. Probably bad planning on mojang's behalf. I tried pasting that text into minecraft itself and it showed up differently then rendered here. Just translate it the way you think will make it easier to understand, I guess. Thanks so much with your translating! It is a great help for the plugin.

  3. 0af607f6dab2988be9a5b397c96d639b
    iDante02 Traductor árabe, Arabia Saudí

    *hello i think i'm finished
    i want thank you for this plugin it's great plugin thx and the
    transaltes of plugin is nice idea.