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  1. Logo de CalcKit: All-in-One Calculator
    CalcKit: All-in-One Calculator
  2. Logo de TVShows
    (Mac OS) TVShows 2 is the easiest way to download your favorite TV shows automatically.
  3. Logo de Phoca Guestbook
    Phoca Guestbook
  4. Logo de Zest
  5. Logo de Vivaldi Tips
    Vivaldi Tips
    This projects aims to show you new ways to improve your surfing experience on the Internet with Vivaldi Browser.
  6. Logo de Neat Bookmarks
    Neat Bookmarks
    **Notice: Neat Bookmarks has been sold and I'm no longer the owner of the extension.** A neat bookmarks tree popup extensio...
  7. Logo de NotifyArticleSubmit - DISCOUNTED
    NotifyArticleSubmit - DISCOUNTED
    This project is discounted due to the new extension name - NotificationAry Check: https://webtranslateit.com/en/projects/13528...
  8. Logo de NotificationAry
    NotificationAry - send emails on content change for Joomla (former NotifyArticleSubmit)
  9. Logo de Resistor Calculator
    Resistor Calculator
    Resistor Calculator for android, can calculate the value of a resistor based on the color of their bands and / or find the colo...
  10. Logo de Apps list from context menu [extension for Chrome]
    Apps list from context menu [extension for Chrome]
    Access your installed web apps from Chrome's context menu (right click menu).
  11. Logo de Fraction Calculator
    Fraction Calculator
    Fraction Calculator
  12. Logo de intelliphone
    Localising Intelliphone
  13. Logo de Dilmot
    Dilmot is a web application to publish Q&A's interacting with the audience. It works in a similar fashion to other publishing p...
  14. Logo de Chatterbox
    Chatterbox is a flexible, easy-to-use Minecraft chat plugin. Simple, elegant, powerful.
  15. Logo de QuickMath
    Mathematic software, geomety algebra etc
  16. Logo de Bright TODO
    Bright TODO
    Android application translate project
  17. Logo de Geocaching Logbook generator
    Geocaching Logbook generator
    Geocaching Logbook generator
  18. Logo de HoloRP
    HoloRP is the world’s largest extraordinary virtual roleplay community for teenagers! A strange city with awesome citizens.
  19. Logo de Mapme Classic
    Mapme Classic
    Translate Mapme Classic in all languages so that anyone can use Mapme Classic without language barrier.
  20. Logo de AutoReadMore
    Adds Readmore button automatically for Joomla articles
  21. Logo de Translations
    Various source files requiring translation such as tracts and Facebook page information, etc.
  22. Logo de Pedometer Plus - Android App
    Pedometer Plus - Android App
  23. Logo de Bookmarks list from context menu [extension for Chrome]
    Bookmarks list from context menu [extension for Chrome]
    Handy, easy and fast access to your Google Chrome bookmarks list anywere in the browser window. Just a launcher for your bookma...
  24. Logo de Dilmot Backend
    Dilmot Backend
  25. Logo de Bibles.org Accounts
    Bibles.org Accounts
    Single Sign On Account Management