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  1. Logo de Mapme Classic
    Mapme Classic
    Translate Mapme Classic in all languages so that anyone can use Mapme Classic without language barrier.
  2. Logo de AutoReadMore
    Adds Readmore button automatically for Joomla articles
  3. Logo de Translations
    Various source files requiring translation such as tracts and Facebook page information, etc.
  4. Logo de Pedometer Plus - Android App
    Pedometer Plus - Android App
  5. Logo de Bookmarks list from context menu [extension for Chrome]
    Bookmarks list from context menu [extension for Chrome]
    Handy, easy and fast access to your Google Chrome bookmarks list anywere in the browser window. Just a launcher for your bookma...
  6. Logo de Dilmot Backend
    Dilmot Backend
  7. Logo de Bibles.org Accounts
    Bibles.org Accounts
    Single Sign On Account Management
  8. Logo de buddycloud
    Translations for the buddycloud clients and server text For instructions, check out https://buddycloud.org/wiki/translate_bu...
  9. Logo de LinguaLeo Chrome Application
    LinguaLeo Chrome Application
    LinguaLeo is an online solution to learn English. http://lingualeo.com You are also welcome to join our other projects bein...
  10. Logo de The true color
    The true color
  11. Logo de Pencil2D
  12. Logo de Wow activity
    Wow activity
    Status updates for blizzards world of warcraft characters
  13. Logo de CoinKeeper iPhone description
    CoinKeeper iPhone description
  14. Logo de Crystal
    This project was created to translate Crystal to more languages. As always, try to translate strings, if you have any proble...
  15. Logo de Countdown for Dashclock
    Countdown for Dashclock
    A DashClock extension that will count the days, hours, and minutes until an event.
  16. Logo de Sleep Beats
    Sleep Beats
    Translation listing for the Android app Sleep Beats
  17. Logo de myDrumPad
    myDrum Pad is a multi-touch drum pad for the iPad and iPhone that lets you play out beats, drums, hi-hats, guitar strums and ot...
  18. Logo de l10n20120108
    Helpdesk strings - 20120108 Please follow these instructions: 1. Zendesk software files will be encoded in UTF-8. Please...
  19. Logo de rhythmbox-radio-browser
    Icecast and shoutcast plugin for rhythmbox
  20. Logo de WebTranslateIt
    Translating [WebTranslateIt.com](https://webtranslateit.com).
  21. Logo de Hashapass web
    Hashapass web
  22. Logo de Hashapass Android
    Hashapass Android
  23. Logo de BPMN 2.0
    BPMN 2.0
    Translation of the key terms for Business Process Modeling and Notation 2.0
  24. Logo de frontend
  25. Logo de Slim Flashlight
    Slim Flashlight