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Advanced Tip: Manually set a file encoding

Posted by Edouard on 3 août 2011

Web Translate It automatically detects your file’s character encoding. I already wrote a blog post on how it works under the hood.

If the encoding of one of your file is wrongly detected or if you would like to change your encoding, there is an advanced —and somewhat hidden— option to set a specific encoding directly from the file manager.

Here’s how to do it. In the File Manager, hover the file you want to change, and click “rename”.

A modal window appears. Click on “Toggle advanced options”.

There you can type a specific character encoding, for instance ISO 8859-1, UTF-8 or UTF-16.

Web Translate It generally does a great job detecting your file encoding, so this option shouldn’t be useful for most users. But if you need it, this gives you even more control on how your files are imported and created.

Tip: Counting words

Posted by Edouard on 20 mai 2011

When you get your project translated you’ll need to count words. Web Translate It has nice statistics for your project over time. You can get them on the “Locale and Statistics” page.

Click here to view more

But what if you need to get a word count for a subset of strings? For instance, the word count for a specific file in your project, or for the strings added last week? No problem.

On the translation interface, filter strings by chosen parameters: file, label, category, date added. Then mouse over the string reporting: a tooltip will display the word count for the strings you selected.

Tip: Quickly lookup word definitions

Posted by Edouard on 19 mai 2011

Here’s a quick tip: on Web Translate It’s translation interface, you can get a definition very quickly: select any word with the mouse, and hit the D key (a keyboard shortcut for Define).

It will open the dictionary and lookup a definition and translation for you.

Remember, you can view all of Web Translate It’s keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the “keyboard shortcuts available” link on the translation interface.