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New in WebTranslateIt: upload spreadsheet files to your TermBase

Posted by Edouard on 15 novembre 2012

Do you use a TermBase file made of a spreadsheet file (Microsoft Excel .xls or .csv files) or perhaps you have a TermBase Exchange (.tbx) file?

You can now upload these files to your WebTranslateIt TermBase in order to get useful suggestions while translating.

WebTranslateIt recognize 2 kinds of term files: Term Base Exchange (TBX) files and spreadsheet files (Excel or CSV).

If you’re using a spreadsheet file, it must to be organized in a very specific way. At a minimum, WebTranslateIt requires your spreadsheet file to be organized like this:

You can optionally add a Part of Speech (eg. noun, verb), which will be imported in the TermBase:

Or a definition:

Or both:

I hope you will find this new feature useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.