Crystal —

This project was created to translate Crystal to more languages.

As always, try to translate strings, if you have any problems or doubts regarding the string meaning (or context) feel free to use discussion module. If your language has been already translated, you may want to check the translation and improve it or correct errors.

As application will be updated - new strings probably will be added. I'll find a way to inform all collaborators about this, so we can keep translations fresh and always up to date.

I recommend you to sort strings by keys when starting a translation (right to the language selector -> Sort by: Key). But you can choose your order if you wish.

I appreciate your help and thank you for your support. All collaborators will be mentioned in the app, so don't worry about that) If you need any screenshots (if you don't have an app installed) - you can ask for them in the discussion module.

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20 déc. ‘17 01:07
Daniele Perrella changed 1 translations in Italian on Crystal. See changes »
08 oct. ‘17 13:00
1 segments were changed on Crystal. See changes »
08 oct. de 12:52 to 12:53
Crystal changed 6 translations in Portuguese on Crystal. See changes »
07 oct. de 03:41 to 15:49
Vígh Miklós changed 6 translations in Hungarian on Crystal. See changes »
03 oct. de 07:35 to 20:28
Crystal changed 5 translations in Polish on Crystal. See changes »