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    Markus K. Traducteur en finnois ayant un droit de relecture total (incluant ses propres traductions)

    Is this string still being used somewhere else than with aspects.index.help.email_feedback? As far as I remember, it was earlier used also on the registration page, which nowadays uses registrations.new.email. That caused some problems in Finnish, since the Finnish translation for the noun "Email" cannot be used as a verb, as in "Email your feedback", and I have had to make some unsatisfactory compromises in translating those strings because of that.

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    Jonne Haß Manager

    Thanks for spotting, it's indeed used as noun quite a few times, so I elimanted the verb usage here: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/commit/5c534521cc2236af9957553240c740d1947b43eb


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