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Automatically creates menus for Joomla based on category tree and articles.

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26 oct. de 07:44 to 07:45
Duy Trung changed 5 translations in Vietnamese, Vietnam on Menuary Automatic Menu. See changes »
26 oct. ‘18 00:40
Duy Trung joined the project Menuary Automatic Menu as manager, Vietnamese, Vietnam . Duy Trung was invited by Arygroup.
25 oct. de 02:05 to 14:05
2 target files were added via the API to Menuary Automatic Menu. See changes »
25 oct. ‘18 14:05
The Vietnamese, Vietnam (vi-VN) language was added to the project Menuary Automatic Menu.
30 mai ‘17 08:07
Arygroup deleted the language nl-NL - Dutch, Netherlands in Menuary Automatic Menu.