Using Czech diacritics

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    Vojta Traducteur en tchèque, République tchèque, sans droit de relecture

    Hi there! :)
    Thanks for inviting me as Translator,i will do my best :)
    I have a question:
    Can we use special diacritics in translations? I'm also a dev ( a little bit :D) and I know that Minecraft sometimes can't stand special characters. Howewer,Czech language without diacritics is not as elegant.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

  2. 67e88a8ba95deb35a51eac3b66aff386
    Pgsa Traducteur en slovaque, Slovaquie, sans droit de relecture

    I think we can, but It is better without diacritics.

  3. 13546_cmastudios_body
    cmastudios Manager

    Do whatever looks better in game I guess. I never really set any standards for this sort of thing (probably should have).