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Bottom line, the boasted iPhone features is bound to impress the tech savvy and tech ignorant alike. But even with all these impressive features packed into it, there still exists a Wishlist iPhone Features Roster, defining just what iPhone features many iPhone users want in their phones.
Here are four of those Wishlist iPhone features many iPhone users would want to see happen in their iPhones. Call it a small roster of iPhone features which need working on.
Video Recording Capabilities
Though made with an impressive 2.0 megapixel camera, the most an iPhone user could do is take pictures, and not record videos. Quite a downside, considering the iPhone’s storage size, this is indeed a “wish” worth noting in the iPod features list to work on.
Flash Support
iPhones, as internet capable units, have limits when it comes to Flash support, a popular element utilized by most websites today. Indeed this is another wish worth mentioning in the iPod features list to work on, as sites like YouTube, which utilizes .flv files, are somewhat limited when it comes to iPhones.

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