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WebTranslateIt’s development tools

WebTranslateIt Command Line Interface

wti is a command-line interface tool for synchronizing your language files with It is really easy to use. Use wti push to push your language files to WebTranslateIt, and wti pull to download your translated files.

WebTranslateIt’s CLI tool

Author: Édouard Brière (

Download WebTranslateIt CLI at


wti-maven-plugin is a plugin for Apache Maven, build automation tool for Java projects. It lets you automate the uploading and donwloading of translation files with

Author: Julien Redondo (Nouveaux Territoires)

Download wti-maven-plugin at

i18n_viz for Ruby on Rails

i18n_viz is a rubygem that lets your browse your own Ruby on Rails application and visualize and edit your translations. Think of it as a reversed lookup for translations.

i18n_viz highlights your app’s translatable text and adds a tooltip containing the translation key which links to the translation key in

Do you have 1 minute? Here’s a quick video showing i18n_viz’s capabilities. View this video in HD at Vimeo.

Author: Jakob Hilden (

Download i18n_viz at

i18n-node for node.js/express.js applications

i18n-node is a translation module for node.js/express.js with a dynamic JSON Hash compatible with WebTranslateIt.

Author: Marcus Spiegel

Download i18n-node at

i18next for Javascript

i18next is a translation plugin for Javascript content. It stores data in a JSON hash compatible with WebTranslateIt.

Author: Jan Mühlemann

Download i18next at