Helpdesk strings - 20120108

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Zendesk software files will be encoded in UTF-8. Please send back translations encoded in UTF-8.

  2. Zendesk English strings may have placeholders that have a keyword inside double-curly brackets. For example:

“This is an example string with a placeholder for username: {{username}}”

In this example, the {{username}} is the placeholder. Please be sure that the placeholder itself is never translated. The placeholder keyword is usually a word that will give context to the data that will be substituted for the placeholder when the string is displayed. The placeholder may be moved around in the translated string to accommodate the word order requirements of the target language.

  1. Zendesk strings may include HTML tags such as <strong> or <br /> or <a href=”/”>. Please be sure that this HTML tags are not translated and preserved in the translated string.

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