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    Daniel Ruf Traductor alemán

    Why is so many unproofread and I can not verify or proofread my changes anymore?

    I see no activity from the other users in my team, very disappointing.

  2. Fbe44f66ebaf6fde7bf976c0319f434f
    Lubos Hasko Jefe

    The problem was that in other languages, people have been using proofreading function incorrectly, locking new translators out from fixing problems. This was creating more work for me.

    So I simply decided not to use this feature for now. If vandalism starts occurring, I will bring proofreading back but for now, it's just not serving any purpose.

    Regarding the translators not being as active. I think it has to do with the way how translations are merged with the program. I'm planning to allow "on-demand" pulls. In other words, if you make translation change here, you can pull the latest snapshot of translations into Manager. This way people can get instant gratification rather than what's happening now when you need to wait a few days.

  3. 3d3d7723f9a7e301fb6b06709b53413a
    Daniel Ruf Traductor alemán

    I totally understand this. But the persons in my team did nothing and I did all translations =(

    So, who does the proofreading now?

  4. Fbe44f66ebaf6fde7bf976c0319f434f
    Lubos Hasko Jefe

    When you go to http://www.manager.io/desktop/translations, you can see only your name is listed since you are the only one making contributions to German translation.

    Nobody does proofreading, all translations will remain unproofreaded for now. Don't worry about proofreading, whatever is translated will appear in the program. Proofreading is not required.

  5. 3d3d7723f9a7e301fb6b06709b53413a
    Daniel Ruf Traductor alemán

    Okay, thanks. I hope the other translators learn to play by the rules and do not do vandalism with this great project.

  6. Fbe44f66ebaf6fde7bf976c0319f434f
    Lubos Hasko Jefe

    If vandalism starts occurring, I will bring back proofreading. Also, there is audit trail so any vandalism can be reverted anyway (like on Wikipedia).