a series of non-translated items

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    Usama Traductor árabe

    I will start suggestions of a series of non-translated items that appear in the interface of Manager.
    1) Inverntory write-offs
    to be translated into:
    أصناف مخزون تالفة
    بنود مخزون تالفة
    بضائع تالفة
    نسبة الهالك
    and its sub option [button] "new write-off"... to be translated into:
    تسجل توالف
    تسجيل تالف
    تسجيل فاقد
    and the sub options as indicated in the attached modified screen shot.

  2. Fbe44f66ebaf6fde7bf976c0319f434f
    Lubos Hasko Jefe

    Thanks. The reason why this tab is not translatable is because I thought to remove it and move the functionality under "Inventory Items" tab. But I might just make it translatable in the meantime just for completeness.

  3. Ff04a456221ef1a68d12b2e010a84e4d
    Ashraf Traductor árabe

    بنود مخزون تالفة