web_translate_it gem v released

By Edouard on March 10, 2011

I just released a new version of the synchronisation client wti for Web Translate It. wti is a powerful command line tool to synchronise your local translation files with the Web Translate It service.

This is a somewhat important release . It includes several new features, and deprecates a few commands.

New features


The before_pull and after_pull hooks now work within wti pull. Prior to this version they were only used by the synchronisation server.

There are also 2 new hooks: before_push and after_push, which are executed before and after pushing new translations.

These hooks can be defined in the configuration file.

Here’s an example:

api_key: sekret

# Optional: locales not to sync with Web Translate It.
# eg. [:en, :fr] or just 'en'
# ignore_locales: 'en'

# Optional hooks
before_pull: "say 'before pull'"
after_pull:  "say 'after pull'"
before_push: "say 'before push'"
after_push: "say 'after push'"

Multi-locales push and pull

wti pull -l and wti push -l now accept several locales passed as an argument. So you can do:

$ wti pull -l "fr en ja kr"

Which will pull your language files for French, English, Japanese and Korean.

Better help

Under the hood, we replaced the option parser. The new parser gives better control over the accepted options. Each command now has its own help topic, by appending --help. For instance you can type: wti pull --help which gives:

Usage: wti <command> [options]+

The most commonly used wti commands are:

  pull        Pull target language file(s)
  push        Push master language file(s)
  match       Display matching of local files with File Manager
  add         Create and push a new master language file
  addlocale   Add a new locale to the project
  server      Start a synchronisation server
  status      Fetch and display project statistics
  init        Configure your project to sync      

See `wti <command> --help` for more information on a specific command.

[options] are:
  --config, -c:   Path to a translation.yml file (default: .wti)
     --version, -v:   Print version and exit
        --help, -h:   Show this message


wti now use some colour and display successes in green, and failures in red.


  • wti autoconf displays a deprecation warning. This command will be deprecated in a future version in favour of wti init.
  • wti stats displays a deprecation warning. This command will be deprecated in a future version in favour of wti status. A new alias wti st has also been created.
  • wti push --ignore_missing and wti push --low_priority were replaced by wti push --ignore-missing and wti push --low-priority.


To upgrade to the latest version, type in a terminal: gem install web_translate_it.