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NuMundo is promoting sustainable living beyond boarders

Using WTI for translations has been a great experience, and the tool has all the features we’ve needed so far. Especially when translating to Japanese, as we could lead discussions with the local team of translators directly in each segment, making it easy to find clarity and successfully complete complex translations.

We’ve also had good experiences with onboarding translators, who have had no problems using the interface, giving us good feedback about the process and their user experience using the dashboard.

Sara Johnstone, NuMundo Chief Operating Officer, in our blog.
Sarah Johnstone from NuMundo
Jeremy Irish from GeoCaching

Nice job, @webtranslateit, you actually make localization projects enjoyable

Can’t praise @webtranslateit enough. It’s an amazing service to keep your locale files synced and manageable. CLI included.

Mihar Rebernik from TimeWiki
Manuel Metzger

I’m very pleased with the functionalities and my translators quickly adapted to the new tool. Thank you very much for your work!

Manuel Metzger developer of the app Lies Die Bibel.

EuroLargeCarnivores is teaching the world how large carnivores and humans can coexist peacefully

With a five year timeframe our budget for external assistance is limited, and we rather want to use this for on site activities, rather than for overhead, so WTI really came in handy. Also, the website content keeps evolving and WTI helps us to easily manage our team of volunteer translators and guarantee continuous translation.

The CMS (Pimcore) we use is directly pulling the translations from WTI - hence we now have the flexibility to finalise translations with different timelines for every partner, as it resonates with their time budget. It also helps work with volunteers who help us out for the languages in which do only have automatic translations at the moment.

Raffael Hickisch from EuroLargeCarnivores, in our blog.
Raffael Hickisch from EuroLargeCarnivores
Dian Rosanti from Flipboard

@edouardbriere you, sir, made my life SO MUCH BETTER w/ @webtranslateit! I don’t know how to thank you. Best l10n mgmt tool I’ve seen so far

The support from @webtranslateit is still rocking! I have asked for their help three times and they always replied in very short notice!

Kristian Hellquist from MyNewsDesk is now reaching out to thousands of frustrated patients

We chose WTI because it had all the features we were looking for. We did quite an extensive search because we are quite a small team and needed to get it right the first time. Specifically, we were looking for an easily extensible localization tool as we are growing fast. Also integration had to be simple.

Our crucial features were web interface and easy workflow for our translators. They needed to be able to very quickly find which segments are new and need to be translated and which segments have changed in the source language and need to be verified.

Miro Skovajsa from

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