New version of Web Translate It released

By Edouard on May 2, 2011

I released a major upgrade to Web Translate It yesterday evening.

This is a great update, which took 3 months in the making. It focuses on improving the Web Translate It’s performance, uses a brand new architecture for assigning translations to a locale, and introduces more than 7 new features. Here’s a quick overview of what changed. Additional posts introducing features will be post throughout the week.

Simpler design

This is the first design update since Web Translate It’s launch back in October 2009. The redesign focus on:

  • Reducing the vertical overhead by getting rid of unused elements
  • Making it simpler for newcomers to use the site.

Faster translation interface

The translation interface should now load faster. I optimised the page, reduced the amount of queries made to the database and greatly simplified the architecture under the hood.

You are now able to create your own custom locales, and some operations, such as editing a locale now perform instantly (instead of having to wait and lock the translation interface). This is a huge step forward.

Faster importers

I reworked the code used by the file importer. The improvements made to the importers increase the importing speed three folds. Importers now report the percentage done and the time estimate should be more accurate.

Keyboard shortcuts

This is a great new feature: keyboard shortcuts have been added to the translation interface. In fact, you can now navigate and work using only your keyboard. On the translation interface, press the h key or click on “Keyboard shortcuts available” to learn more about this feature.

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You will notice a new “discussions” tab. The discussions page lists all comments made on your project’s strings. On this page you can also now start new discussions threads. This is a great place to discuss your project’s translations.

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New Dashboard and Project overview pages

The new dashboard and project pages load faster and give you a better overview about your projects.

Custom Locales

You can now create custom locales for a specific territory or use-case (you will be able to create locales such as en_GB_Singapore_Event or en_Pirate or anything you like).

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