New in Web Translate It: Keyboard Shortcuts

By Edouard on May 2, 2011

Web Translate It now allows you to navigate the translation interface and translate strings using keyboard shortcuts. This is a great new feature, I hope you will like it.

When you load the translation interface, you will notice the first string in the list is now highlighted with a yellow background.

It means the string is selected. You can interact with selected strings in many ways.


Press the key to select the string underneath.

Press key to move one string up.

Finally, translate any selected string by pressing the enter key.

Using keyboard shortcuts in Web Translate It is very simple and similar in many ways to other spreadsheet applications: up and down to move, enter to edit.

Editing a string

Opened strings now automatically load the translation suggestions. You can apply a suggestion by using key combinations:

  • Ctrl 1 applies the first suggestion,
  • Ctrl 2 applies the second suggestion,
  • Ctrl 3 the third, etc.

You can also save a string using Ctrl s, or leave the string without saving using esc.

Advanced navigation

On highlighted strings, you can also use the following shortcuts:

  • p for proofreading or unproofreading a string,
  • c to comment on a string
  • v to paste the source text on a string,
  • displays the translation history for that string,
  • brings you back to the translation interface from that page.

You will find some great help about all these shortcuts by clicking on the “Keyboard shortcuts available” link on the translation interface, or by hitting the h key anytime on the translation interface.

I hope you will find this improvement useful. Thank you for using Web Translate It.