Now testing: support for Microsoft Word .docx and Powerpoint .pptx

By Edouard on June 8, 2011

Web Translate It works pretty well to translate software language files. Could it translate documents too?

Web Translate It now supports for 2 new file formats: Microsoft Word .docx and Powerpoint .pptx. Note that we currently don’t support the older Microsoft Word .doc and Powerpoint .ppt.

The biggest challenge for supporting these files is to minimise the amount of Open XML’s infamous “tag soup”. Web Translate It does a pretty good job at keeping this markup code out of your way.

For instance, here’s what a .docx file might look like in a word processor:

The underlying code generated by Microsoft Word looks like this:

And this is the same paragraph imported in Web Translate It:

Web Translate It removes unnecessary markup tags and “folds” complex and untranslatable markup tags into smaller tags.

We’re currently testing these new file formats. If you notice anything strange when translating these files, please open a support ticket and I will investigate and sort you out.

Web Translate It now supports more than 20 different file formats. If you’d like to use a file format Web Translate It doesn’t support yet, open a support ticket and let me know.