Introducing WTIpress, a Wordpress plugin for WebTranslateIt

By Edouard on October 25, 2011

Today I am introducing WTIpress. WTIpress is a free Wordpress plugin for WebTranslateIt that makes your blog multilingual in a few clicks.

It syncs with and lets you translate your blog posts and pages using the service, and then lets you publish the translated posts.

This is great tool, especially if you already use to translate your software. All your translation work will be at the same place and you will be able to reuse your terminology and Translation Memory. Besides, WTIpress doesn’t require translators to have access to your blog admin.


Setup the plugin and make your Wordpress blog multilingual in a few clicks.

Synchronize your posts and pages to translate with

Translate your posts using

Your blog’s original version can be found at

And its French version at

Looking good? Give it a try and report bugs if you find any.

WTIpress is open-source and released under the GPL license. The source code can be found on Github.