API Update

By Edouard on November 14, 2011

I just released an important update to WebTranslateIt’s API.

The focus of this update is to give you full control on your strings and translations. The update adds 8 new endpoints:

  • The File API gets a new Delete File endpoint, to delete a master language file.

  • The Locale API gets a new Delete Locale endpoint, to delete a locale from a project.

  • We now have a new String API, which allows you to get, create, update and delete strings. I’ll add shortly a new endpoint to search for strings using parameters.

  • I also added a new Translation API to get and create translations for a string.

What can you do with this API?

Using this API, you can now translate virtually anything. For instance, you could create script translate fields from a database, mapping a field to a specific String, and retrieve their translations.

These new endpoints also enable developers to create a third-party desktop software to translate strings, using WebTranslateIt as a repository for translations.

I hope you will find this update useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.