Introducing Discussions: stacked conversations with smart notifications

By Edouard on March 9, 2012

I released today a major update to WebTranslateIt’s commenting system.

Introducing Discussions

Discussions is a major improvement to the commenting system released about 3 years ago. Discussions are stacked conversations with smart notifications.

Stacked Conversations

Conversations are now stacked. It’s easier to read and understand. Next to each person’s name, the user’s role is also displayed, so you know exactly what the person is talking about.

Smart Notifications

You can choose exactly who will be notified about your comment. Select each team member individually, or select a whole team. Click on “everyone” to select everyone at once, or on a team name to select everyone in the team.

If you’re not interested in a discussion you were notified about, you can disable notifications for that discussion. The opposite is also possible: You can add yourself to the list of recipients if you’d like to follow a topic.

Comment in your language

Many translators post comments regarding the translation of a segment in a specific language. I improved and made this feature clearer by separating general discussions on a segment from discussions on a translation.

Better Discussions Dashboard

The discussion Dashboard was also updated.

It’s clearer, loads faster and an indicator clearly shows the status of the discussions (read, unread, notified, …).

I hope you will find this update useful. I have been working on this update since more than 6 months. I’m really stoked to finally be releasing it. Thank you for choosing WebTranslateIt.