web_translate_it rubygem v1.10.1 released

By Edouard on April 10, 2012

I just released a new version of the web_translate_it gem, the open-source synchronization tool for Web Translate It.

This version 1.10.1 introduces a few bug fixes and improvements.


  • wti now prevents existing master files from being added again with wti add. This allows to run a command like: ls *.xml | grep -v "\.en" | xargs wti add without worrying about adding files a second time.

  • The wti command now has its own wti process name.

Bug fixes

  • Prevents wti status from crashing.

  • Better error messages.

Install or Upgrade

To install web_translate_it, please refer to the gem documentation.

To upgrade web_translate_it to its latest version, type in a terminal: gem install web_translate_it.